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In the early 19th century, the castle and its history inspired Richard Wagner to write Tannhäuser. In fact, the full title of this opera is Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg, Tannhäuser and the Song Contest at Wartburg Castle.


“I have seen visitors kneel when they enter Luther’s Room. The atmosphere is so special.” Tour guide, Wartburg Castle

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Flickering candlelight covers the room with its mysterious light. Hanging from the ceiling, huge wagon wheels cast their shadows across dark wooden tables where a hungry group awaits Luther and others.

Enjoy a traditional meal like Martin Luther has hundreds of years ago at Eisenacher Hof.

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The Luther Connection

In Eisenach, Luther and Bach are twin themes. Luther attended school here and sang in the choir at Georgen Church, where he later preached. Born in Eisenach, Bach, a passionate Lutheran, was baptized in that same church and later also sang in the choir. From July through to September, there is a free organ concert every day at 11am.

Walk through the picturesque streets of this handsome old town, where the historic market square is lined with half-timbered houses.

Luther was in hiding in the hilltop fortress, Wartburg Castle, but he made good use of the time. In just 10 weeks, he translated the New Testament from ancient Greek into German. Soon, this new version was printed and translated in an everyday language that Germans could read. For many visitors, being in the Lutherstube, the authentic room where Luther lived and wrote, is a highlight of their trip to Europe.

With its courtyard and steep walls, it is as impressive now as it was when Luther arrived, having been "kidnapped" for his own protection. He had been excommunicated and so could be treated as an outlaw. He sheltered here, disguising himself with a beard going by the name of Squire George.

The Luther House is an excellent museum in the house where Luther lived with the Cotta family while studying at the local Latin school for three years. Here you can see two rooms in which he lived.

Music was a vital ingredient of Luther's new style service of worship, and no one is more associated with Lutheran music than Johann Sebastian Bach, born in Eisenach in 1685. In the Bach House one may enjoy the experience of listening to live demonstrations of music, played on historic musical instruments, taking place every hour, on the hour.

A place to stay

You would like to stay where Martin Luther once went into hiding and translated the bible? Welcome, service and a good night’s lodging have always been - and still are - a well-kept tradition at the Hotel auf der Wartburg. Find out more about the Hotel auf der Wartburg.

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