Cloister of the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt

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"Born" is a famous brand of mustard; an essential consiment for "Thüringer Bratwurst", the local Thuringia sausage. Visit the shop and small museum at No.11 Wenigemarkt to buy some of your very own.


" situated in the best location. It is the perfect place for a city.” Martin Luther

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To learn more about Erfurt and its attractions, simply visit the city's official tourist information website or take a look at the brochure of Erfurt!

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The Luther Connection

Erfurt was Luther's spiritual home. Here he studied, became a monk and was later ordained. Each year on November 10th, the city celebrates both Martin Luther and St. Martin of Tours with the annual ecumenical St. Martin's Celebration.

In 1505, Luther became a monk and took up residency at the beautiful and peaceful Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt. Recently renovated, the monastery has functioned as an Evangelical/Lutheran church and school since 1525. Visit the chapter house and enjoy the same wonderful acoustic that Luther did in his day, or stop by the reconstruction of Luther’s cell. You can also spend the night in one of the 51 comfortable guest rooms.

Luther was ordained in the 14th century St Mary's Cathedral, famous for its medieval, free-swinging "Gloriosa" bell, the largest of its kind in the world. Next door is the St. Severi Church ; standing together on top of a hill, these two houses of worship dominate the heart of this handsome city. Each year, the steps between them serve as a stage for the annual Cathedral Steps Festival.

The exhibition "On the threshold of the Reformation", which opened in October 2011 in the City Museum Erfurt, focuses on Martin Luther and boasts Germany's most extensive collection of Luther's essays from the early 16th century, with many original printed texts from the Reformation.

The medieval city

Nicknamed the „Rome of the North“ for its array of some 30 spires and steeples, Erfurt is undeniably one of Germany's most beautiful cities. The old heart of the city looks like from something out of the movies.

The Merchants' Bridge (the Krämerbrücke)
Arching across the Gera River and dating back to 1325, this bridge is Europe's finest example of a medieval inhabited bridge.

The Old Synagogue (Alte Synagoge)
Predating the Merchants’ Bridge, the oldest parts of the Old Synagogue were built around 1100. It is now a museum that tells the story of Erfurt's Jewish community, featuring a treasure trove discovered in 1998 comprising 14 silver bars, thousands of silver coins and 700 beautifully-crafted items. The most astounding of these treasures is the intricate marriage ring, created for a Jewish wedding in the 14th century.

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