Relief of Luther Memorial in Eisleben

 History of the Reformation

What started out as a movement to reform the Roman Catholic Church in Europe back in the 16th century concluded with the division of Western Christianity. As is so often the case in history, it was not one single event, but rather a string of events that caused this massive change.

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The Reformation in Germany

The Reformation was inspired by one man, Martin Luther. Only when you explore the real story of Luther in the towns and villages where he lived, worked and preached, you can discover the towering personality behind the legends.

LutherDecade also explores the relationships Luther had with the people, who supported him. Katharina von Bora, his wife, was a pillar of strength; Philipp Melanchthon, his pupil and friend, was a major figure in the Reformation movement; the painter Lucas Cranach, another close friend changed artistic conventions with his new way of portraying religious scenes.

Two centuries later, Johann Sebastian Bach changed the course of Western music; a passionate Lutheran, he was born and lived in Luther’s homeland.

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