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Declaration on Accessibility

This declaration on accessibility applies to the websites of Thüringer Tourismus GmbH published at the following addresses: 

As a public body, we strive to make our websites and mobile applications accessible without barriers. The accessibility requirements result from the Thuringia Act on Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Bodies (ThürBarrWebG) and the Thuringia Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (ThürBITVO). 

Status of compatibility with the requirements 
A new website is currently being developed which will meet the requirements for barrier-free website use to a much greater extent. The current website is only partially compatible with the requirements for barrier-free access.

As soon as there are improvements in terms of accessibility on our pages, they will be published here.

Date of creation or last update of the declaration 
This statement was created on 01/01/2022 and last updated on 18/01/2022. 

Report barriers: Contacting us about accessibility issues. 
Would you like to report existing barriers in this website/mobile application to us or request information on the implementation of accessibility? For your feedback as well as all further information, please contact our responsible contact persons. 

[ Report barriers ]

Enforcement procedure 
If no satisfactory solution has been found even after your feedback to the above contact, you can contact the enforcement body in Thuringia. The Enforcement Body is established at the Thuringian State Commissioner for People with Disabilities and has the task of supporting out-of-court dispute resolution in the event of conflicts on the subject of accessibility between people with disabilities and public bodies in Thuringia. The enforcement procedure is free of charge for you. There is no need to engage a legal advisor. For more information on the enforcement procedure and how to apply, go to: http://www.thueringen.de/th10/bb/.

You can contact the Enforcement Panel directly at vz_bmb@tmasgff.thueringen.de