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Access Keys and Tab Navigation

Access Keys

You can access certain contents of this page without using your mouse. For this purpose, several access keys for certain commands have been defined as follows:

  • s = return to the top of the page
  • 0 = overview of defined access keys
  • 1 = front page
  • 3 = sitemap
  • 4 = activate search mask

To make use of these commands, simply hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard before hitting the respective number or letter. When using Firefox, you'll need to hold down both the "Alt" and "shift" key before hitting the respective letter or number. When using Internet Explorer, you only need to hold down the "Alt" key and the respective access key; afterwards, however, you will need to confirm the chosen menu item by hitting the space bar or enter key.

Tab Navigation

Use your tab key to navigate around the page you're currently viewing. By hitting the enter key, the corresponding menu item will be loaded.