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Getting to LutherCountry

Airport Overview

LutherCountry's central location in Germany makes it convenient to reach from any direction. Due to its modern, extensive infrastructure, guests can choose from a number of attractive airport connections. Erfurt Airport is a great option for flying directly to LutherCountry, while the region can also be easily reached within approximately four hours or less from various airports across Germany.

»Erfurt Airport

This airport is located in Erfurt, the capital and heart of Southern LutherCountry surrounded by various regional highlights, such as Weimar, Eisenach, and the Wartburg Castle. You can get to or from the Erfurt Airport easily via public transportation, rental car, or care hire.

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»Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is Germany's largest airport and one of the most important aviation checkpoints for international flights and connections worldwide. The airport itself has two railway stations and boasts enviable public transportation and highway connections.

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»Berlin Airport

Berlin has two airports: Berlin Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel. Both Berlin Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel can be conveniently reached from LutherCountry by public transport or car.

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»Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport's website offers a helpful route planner which you can use to calculate how long it will take you to get from the airport to LutherCountry and which route would be best. If you plan to travel with public transportation, the website also provides direct links to railway and bus timetables and tickets.

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»Hanover Airport

Traveling between LutherCountry and the Hanover Airport is easy and stress-free, whether you use public transportation or a hired car.

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»Other potential airports