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zum Inhalt springen Signposts on Inselsberg mountain © Rasmus Schuebel, Thuringia Tourist Board

Insider Tip

Most cities in Germany offer 2- or 3-day tickets for the unlimited use of local public transportation in addition to various discounts at local restaurants, museums, and institutions!

Getting around LutherCountry

By train

One thing Germany is famous for is its safe, reliable, and has a well developed public transportation network. Although somewhat hard to imagine for first-time visitors to Europe, local and long-distance trains are a preferred method of transportation among the German population, as they are oftentimes the quickest, most economical way of getting from A to B.

Not only that, but every LutherCity also offers safe and convenient local transportation options such as trams, subways, and buses. For those who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a hassle-free trip throughout LutherCountry, travelling with the Deutsche Bahn is definitely the way to go.

If you're planning on spending at least two weeks in Germany, we recommend looking into getting a German Rail Pass. This special offer is available exclusively through the Deutsche Bahn and allows travelers to use all scheduled DB trains for up to 15 days (high-speed ICE trains included).

For further information, train times, and connections, please visit:

By car

Despite the many conveniences of traveling by train, some travelers simply prefer the freedom that comes with driving. Luckily, Germany's roadways are just as advanced as its railway system! This method of transportation will also allow you to cross one more thing off your bucket list: Drive without a speed limit on the famous "Autobahn"!

There are usually plenty of parking options within the cities and towns, either at your hotel directly or in a paid parking garage. And since all major airports have multiple car rental agencies, you're sure to be able to find the car and price that's right for you. We can recommend Auto Europe as a good source for comparing various rental agencies and prices. Their website also features helpful advice, such as how to avoid hidden fees when renting a car and how to plan your trip thoroughly.

Be sure to ask your car rental agency about any local driving laws, potential fees, and other tips for driving on German roads. Remember: Every country has its own driving customs! For your safety and that of those sharing the road with you, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the most important facts before getting behind the wheel!

Important Tip

In Germany, it's illegal to pass a car on the right on the highway! This means the far left lane should only be used for passing; please be sure to get back into the right lane once you've safely passed to make room for cars behind you wishing to pass.

Travel Distances between Cities

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