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zum Inhalt springen Ducal Museum in Gotha © Lutz Eberhardt, Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha

Luther and the Arts – Influences of the Reformation

Experience the dramatic beginnings of the Reformation between the years 1517 and 1525, as well as its drastic influence on the realms of art and history, while visiting LutherCountry's most important art-related sites. Once Martin Luther and his 95 Theses entered the scene, nothing was ever the same – including artistic expression. Follow in the footsteps of two of the Reformation's most ardent supporters, who also just happened to be the most outstanding painters of their time: Lucas Cranach the Elder and Lucas Cranach the Younger.

Cranach Altar in Neustadt an der Orla © Christiane Wuertenberger, Thuringia Tourist BoardCranach Courtyards in Lutherstadt Wittenberg © Joerg Glaescher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Make sure your itinerary includes Eisenach and Erfurt, Luther's spiritual home, as well as Gotha, the city where Cranach the Elder fell in love, to learn more about the Cranachs, Luther, and the bond they shared. Don't forget to visit Lutherstadt Eisleben or Weimar, where you can visit Luther's Birthplace and Death House and the final workplace of Cranach the Elder, respectively. Last but not least, Lutherstadt Wittenberg also includes many must-see highlights for an art-themed tour through LutherCountry, considering it was Luther's home for most of his adult life and is still home to the Cranach Courtyards. Follow these suggestions to leave no stone unturned on your quest to learn all there is to know about art and the Reformation!