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zum Inhalt springen The snake house in the Luisium castle garden of the Garden Kingdom Dessau-Woerlitz © Juergen Blume, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver."

Martin Luther

Garden Gems

LutherCountry is home to glorious trees, romantic valleys, rolling hills, pristine lakes, and bubbling brooks all waiting to impart their beauty and peace to those who come willing to explore. Not only that, but the impressive beauty of LutherCountry's untamed nature is equally matched by a multitude of divine and exquisite gardens. It's safe to say you can find your own little piece of heaven right here in LutherCountry! Two gardens have even reached UNESCO World Natural Heritage status.

Garden Kingdom Dessau-Woerlitz © Johannes Winkelmann, Wittenberg Kultur e.V.egapark in Erfurt © Thuringia Tourist Board

One of these UNESCO sites is the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Woerlitz, which comprises seven historic parks and gardens, as well as six palaces of diverse style and influence. Visit Schloss Woerlitz, which still features original decorations and furnishings from the late 1800s. Moreover, this 35,000-acre, English-style garden is also home to unique highlights like the "Stein" ('stone'), the only artificial volcano in Europe, and the Oranienbaum, a Dutch-inspired palace and garden. Another UNESCO site that should definitely make your must-see list is Hainich National Park; covering an area of over 18,500 acres and offering a number of tours, trails, and activities, this is a prerequisite for all nature lovers visiting LutherCountry.

And let's not forget Erfurt and its famous egapark, which boasts a range of different attractions such as the German Horticultural Museum. Madgeburg's Garden Dreams is yet another must-see, featuring the most popular of Northern LutherCountry's nearly 1,000 parks and gardens. The Herrenkrug Park is just one example; created in the late 18th century, it still dazzles its visitors with picturesque scenery and a colorful array of flowers and plants. Other garden gems include the Stadtpark Rotehorn on Rotehorn Island, the Klosterbergegarten, and Elbauen Park.