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zum Inhalt springen St. Mary`s Cathedral and St. Severi Church Erfurt © Thuringia Tourist Board


"...is situated in the best location. It is the perfect place for a city."

Martin Luther

The Luther Connection

Otherwise known as Luther's "spiritual home", Erfurt was where Martin Luther studied, became a monk, and was later ordained. The Great Reformer dedicated his life to God by joining the city's Augustinian Monastery as a monk in July 1505. The monastery itself was also influenced by Luther's Reformation, becoming home to the Lutheran parish of St. John's in 1525. Every year on November 10th, the city still celebrates Martin Luther and St. Martin of Tours with the annual ecumenical St. Martin's Celebration.

Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt © Toma Babovic, Thuringia Tourist BoardLuther Stone Stotternheim © LutherCountry

But we're forgetting the most important connection of all: Erfurt's Stotternheim district! Legend has it that, in 1505, Luther got caught in a terrible thunderstorm in one of Stotternheim's fields; afraid for his life, Luther cried into the wind "St. Anna, help me! I will become a monk." True to his word, Luther marched right to the Augustinian Monastery once the storm had passed and became a monk! Today, Stotternheim's Luther Stone marks the spot of this historical event, without which Luther may never have become the reformer who changed the world!

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