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Event Timetable

Special exhibition: “Bachs Bibel”

An exhibition about the significance of and response to Bach’s church cantatas.

@ Bach House Eisenach from March 21–November 7, 2021

Der Bibelschreiber

An industrial robotic arm transcribes the Luther Bible in India ink over a period of around nine months.

@ Eisenach Market Square from May 2021

Special Exhibition: "Luthers Ankunft - Alltag auf der Wartburg"

The exhibition focuses on Luther’s everyday life at Wartburg Castle in the 16th century.

@Wartburg Castle from May 4 - Oct 31, 2021

Special exhibition: “500 Jahre Neues Testament – Luthers Übersetzungswerk”

An informative, entertaining and interactive exhibition that familiarizes visitors with the history of translation and the difficulties encountered in translating.

@Wartburg Castle from May 4 - Nov 6, 2022

“Luther und die Bibel” permanent exhibition reopens

An award-winning exhibition on the life and work of the Reformer.

@Lutherhaus Eisenach from April 14, 2022

Luther’s Wedding – The Wittenberg Festival

An annual historical town festival commemorating Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora’s wedding in 1525.

@Lutherstadt Wittenberg from June 11-13, 2021 and June 10-12,2022

“Die Kraft der Worte” Festival

A week-long festival for all the family presenting a variety of concerts including rap, gospel and classical music, talks, poetry slams, musicals, discussions, workshops, an interactive market and much more, all about the power of the word. A closing concert will be held at St. George’s Church.

@Eisenach (variuos sites) from September 12-20,2021

Renaissance Music Festival

A festival that brings the sounds of the Lutheran era to life. This annual event transforms the music of the Reformation into a feast for the senses, combining concerts, courses, dance and an international exhibition of musical instruments.

@Lutherstadt Wittenberg (various sites) from Oct 22-31, 2021 and Oct 22-31, 2022

Reformation Festival

A festival commemorating the day Martin Luther proposed his theses: October 31, 1517. It includes a historical market spectacle with craftsmen, traders and innkeepers at authentic Reformation sites.

@Old Town, Lutherstadt Wittenberg from Oct 31, 2021 and 2022

New edition: “macht Worte!”

An event in Wittenberg celebrating the German language, including workshops at schools, writing workshops, readings, talks and church services.

@Lutherstadt Wittenberg (various sites), date TBA