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zum Inhalt springen Erfurt Christmas Market © H.-P. Szyska, Thuringia Tourist Board

LutherCountry virtual Advent Calendar summary

This was LutherCountry's first virtual Advent calendar... 

Bringing joy to Lutherans from all over the world:

Our webinar for you "In the footsteps of Martin Luther"...

... brought Luther fans together virtually on December 14. Thanks to all participants and the great exchange. We are looking forward to welcoming you again live in LutherCountry as soon as possible.

Our Service for you

All the content you discovered behind the virtual doors in the past few days is now permanently available for you to look up on the platform. HORRAY!

Christmas Recipes

Quotes from Martin Luther 

Interesting Facts

These are the lucky winners of our giveaways:

Anna Kullman (USA), Rachelle S. Page-Wood (USA), Susan House David (USA), 

Dawn Weisert Shepard (USA), Duane Neugebauer (USA), Jennifer Hays (USA), 

Barbara Darrah (CAN), Linden Georgson (USA), Ania Chwialkoska (POL), 

Martin Weale (UK), Lou Florio (USA), Diana Moore Ringers (USA),

Karen Locklair (BEL), Andrew Smith (USA), James Bogart (USA), 

Carolyn Weiss (CAN), Joseph Woytta (CAN), Marina Hernandez (AUS), 

Irene Major (USA)

Playmobil figure and package

Give us feedback!

How did you like the virtual advent calendar? Would you like to see it again in 2022? What did you particularly like? and what not so much?
Please send a message via email to visit-luther@thueringen-entdecken.de, by Facebook Messenger or by Instagram.

We appreciate your honest feedback.