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zum Inhalt springen Erfurt Christmas Market © H.-P. Szyska, Thuringia Tourist Board


"The lie resembles a ball of snow, the longer it is rolled forth, the bigger it will become."

Martin Luther

Christmas Markets in LutherCountry

Christmas Markets in LutherCountry

Nov 28 2017 - Dec 23 2017

Throughout LutherCountry

Every year from late November to December, LutherCountry transforms into a Winter Wonderland with various Christmas markets. Traditional food and drinks, local crafts, music and entertainment make it possible to celebrate Christmas the way Martin Luther did 500 years ago!

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Christmas Market in Erfurt

Nov 28 2017 - Dec 22 2017


Although Erfurt's Christmas Market spreads throughout the old town, the focus is on the vast Cathedral Square. The 200 market booths sell everything from Thuringian bratwurst (Germany's favorite grilled sausage) and Christmas cookies to handmade toys or traditional, handmade Christmas decorations.

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Christmas and Winter Market in Weimar

Nov 28 2017 - Jan 06 2018


Local artists display their work every first Advent and offer unique Christmas gifts. One highlight of this Christmas market is the Christmas tree. It was in Weimar in 1815, that the first Christmas tree was publicly displayed in Germany. This custom became widely popular and many towns adopted it. Of course, this tradition can still be seen in Weimar, and every year, a Christmas tree is set up to cheer the visitors. After Christmas Eve the magic isn’t over. Till January the Christmas Market turns into a Winter Market.

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