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zum Inhalt springen Beer garden in Erfurt © Andreas Weise, Thuringia Tourist Board


"Speak what is true, eat what is done through, drink what is clear."

Martin Luther

Culinary Highlights

It's common knowledge that Martin Luther was particularly fond of food and drink. Luckily, his wife Katharina von Bora was famous for her cooking and known for treating her husband and their numerous friends and guests to delicious homemade meals. With the family-owned crops, cattle, pork, and other livestock at her disposal, the former nun had no problem preparing feasts sure to satisfy Luther's voracious appetite.

Erfurt Chocolatier © Andreas Weise, Thuringia Tourist BoardIn the vineyards of the Saale-Unstrut Wine Region© Boris Breuer, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Therefore, it's safe to assume that there could be no better way to honor the memory of the Great Reformer than to participate in one of his favorite past times: Wining and dining! After all, "the surest way to the heart is through the stomach." In LutherCountry, we've taken this saying to heart: Our regional cuisine is as tasty as it is diverse and made using fresh, local ingredients and recipes that date back hundreds of years.

Some of our most famous feats of culinary brilliance include delicious wines from the Saale-Unstrut Wine Region, succulent Thuringian bratwursts, spicy Born mustard, and the delectable "Halloren Kugel", a sweet, chocolatey treat created by Germany's oldest chocolate factory. And let's not forget Harz cheese, a sour milk cheese originating from the Harz Mountains, or the savory Dessau Bacon Quiche, a salty treat of homemade dough, onions, and ham right out of Grandma's kitchen. Moreover, a handful of decadent Viba Nugat Pralines or a piece of traditional Stollen - a hearty cake that's become a hallmark of every LutherCountry Christmas market - is sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. You can even stop by the Viba Factory in Schmalkalden to observe the chocolatiers at work or become one yourself during one of their exciting (and delicious!) chocolate-making seminars!

Come and enjoy our various traditional culinary delights; once you've tasted our many splendors, we're sure that LutherCountry will have found a very special place in your heart. As we say in Germany: "Lass es dir schmecken!" – "Enjoy your meal!"

Experience Martin Luther’s passion for food and drink by dining “Luther Style” or have a look at our original recipes to bring the taste of LutherCountry home to friends and family.

Did you know? Due to a lack of clean water in the 16th century, people mainly drank homemade beer and wine. Therefore, brewing beer was just as much a woman's task as cooking and baking was. Katharina von Bora was no exception, also brewing her own beer known as the "Katharinenbier". Martin Luther was supposedly so fond of her beer that he couldn't fall asleep without it. Today, the 14th generation of brewers still produces the "Katharinenbier" in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.