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zum Inhalt springen Beer garden in Erfurt © Andreas Weise, Thuringia Tourist Board

Insider Tip

When in Eisenach, be sure to try a "Bach Würfel", a special chocolate candy created for Johann Sebastian Bach's 300th anniversary in 1985. It's made of coffee truffle, nut truffle, and marzipan!

Dining Luther-Style

Treat yourself to a meal true in taste and style to the mid-1500s at one of these restaurants and experience for yourself why Martin Luther was so fond of food and drink! These one-of-a-kind culinary experiences are sure to add an extra bit of authenticity to your unique Reformation experience!

»Kaffeeklatsch – Lutherstadt Wittenberg

For a truly authentic experience, why not enjoy an afternoon of coffee, cake, and great conversation in the home of one of Lutherstadt Wittenberg's local families? These families are happy to open their doors to guests from around the world to provide an inside look at genuine German hospitality and the everyday life of your average German family.

Please note:
Meetings must be arranged in advance through the local tourist information.

»Lutherschenke – Lutherstadt Eisleben

After a visit to Martin Luther's Birthplace in Lutherstadt Eisleben, why not hop one house over to enjoy a medieval meal at the Lutherschenke? After all, it was Luther who said: "I eat like a Bohemian and drink like a German, thanks be to God for this." It's time you understood exactly what he meant!

For further information, please visit:
www.lutherschenke-eisleben.de (German only)

»Lutherstuben in the Hotel Eisenacher Hof – Eisenach

Eisenach's "Lutherstuben" in Hotel Eisenacher Hof invites guests to enjoy an authentic Luther feast ("Lutherschmaus") complete with the kinds of food, drink, and entertainment popular in the late Middle Ages. Flickering candles, straw-covered floors, and courtly dances allow you to relive the Reformation in the 21st century!

For further information, please visit:

»Lutherkeller – Erfurt

Descend the straw-covered stairs into the Luther cellar ("Lutherkeller") in Erfurt to experience a truly authentic, Luther-style meal! Here, guests may only use knives and spoons to partake of the many culinary delights; remaining true to the age-old custom, no forks are allowed as they were once considered to be objects of the devil!

For further information, please visit:
www.lutherkeller.de (German only)

»Luthermahl in Best Western Stadtpalais – Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Served in clay dishes and based on Katharina von Bora's original recipes, the Luther fest ("Luthermahl") at the Best Western Stadtpalais in Lutherstadt Wittenberg is a delicious experience not to be missed! Find out for yourself why Luther was so fond of his wife's cooking.

For further information, please visit: