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zum Inhalt springen Events at the Wartburg in Eisenach © Christiane Hoehne, MDR

2017: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

2017 is a very special year for LutherCountry, as it marks the 500th anniversary of the year Martin Luther made his 95 Theses known to the world, thus changing the history of the church, country, and world forever. In honor of this monumental occasion, Lutherstadt Wittenberg will host the Reformation Summer from April to September, inviting guests to experience an atmosphere of celebration and open dialog about the influence of the Reformation on culture, language, and education. Not only that, but two special exhibitions will provide fascinating insights into the life and legacy of Martin Luther, the most symbolic figure of the Reformation.

European Roadmap

Nov 03 2016 - May 20 2017

Across Europe

From Turku (Finland) in the North to Rome (Italy) in the South, the refomation has left many footprints in Europe over the last 500 years.
The Storymobile "Stories on tour" will stop at 68 European sites in 19 countries. Regional and ecumenical partners will stage many events in connection with the Reformation history.
The European Roadmap will start on 3 November 2016 from Geneva, where the World Council of Churches is based and end in Wittenberg on 20 May 2017.

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Apr 13 2017 - Nov 05 2017

Luther House Eisenach

Luther House Eisenach will show how the Catholic image of Luther changed during the last 500 years, in the special exhibition “Heretic, Schismatic, Teacher of the Faith”. The innovatively designed exhibition will navigate the strife-riddled history between 1517 and 2017, and explain why Catholics are now able to view Luther as a major figure in church history and even a “teacher of the faith” rather than a “heretic” and a “schismatic”. 

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Luther Music Festival

Apr 28 2017 - May 01 2017


The Luther Music Festival in Eisenach offers a varied program of concerts and other cultural events in honor of its famous inhabitants Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach in conclusion of the Thuringian Bach Weeks throughout LutherCountry. Visitors are invited to walk in the footsteps of Luther and Bach with the future in sight. Contemporary interpretations of Bach, dance theatre and classical and electronic arrangements will be presented in several concerts at the Luther Music Festival in Eisenach.

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Apr 28 2017 - Nov 05 2017

Bach House Eisenach

The exhibition will focus on the works of Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach, demonstrating the connection between Luther and Bach, apart from the religious sentiments, in the very city where Bach was born and Luther lived during his schooldays.

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May 03 2017 - Nov 26 2017

Royal Palace Altenburg

“Hadn’t it been for me, Luthero and his doctrine would have never made it this far.” What a claim! Who would talk about himself like this? Georg Spalatin, the theologian, royal teacher, secret secretary, and historiographer, who was first and foremost Martin Luther’s close friend and guardian. The city of Altenburg and the Lutheran parish have organized a unique exhibition to pay tribute to the life and work of the reformer for the first time.

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National Special Exhibition: Luther and the Germans

May 04 2017 - Nov 05 2017

Wartburg Castle Eisenach

With more than 350,000 visitors annually, the Wartburg Castle is by far the most-visited Luther site in the world. This exhibition aims to define the meaning of "German", revealing the societal norms of the Holy Roman Empire at the beginning of the 16th century, as well as the significant role Wartburg Castle played for both the Germans and Luther. The exhibition consists of seven sections that allow guests to reassess the image of Luther in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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May 08 2017 - Sep 17 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The Old Prison of Wittenberg at the edge of the town embankments is to become a space for art relating to the Reformation: not a visual representation of the effect of Martin Luther and other Reformation Heroes, but rather a coming together of modern-day art with what inspired the avant-gardists of thought and belief 500 years ago.

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National Special Exhibition: Luther! 95 Treasures - 95 People

May 13 2017 - Nov 05 2017

Augusteum / Lutherhaus in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

This two-part exhibition will closely examine Luther's impact on the world and the history of the Lutheran Church. The first part of the exhibition is devoted to the physical traces Luther left on this earth and features "95 treasures" on loan from collections around the world. Planned exhibits include Martin Luther's private bible and a widely unknown Cranach portrait of Luther as "Squire George". The second part highlights "95 people" whose lives have been touched by the Great Reformer, with personalities ranging from Lucas Cranach and Johann Sebastian Bach to the great Martin Luther King, Jr.

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World Reformation Exhibition

May 20 2017 - Sep 10 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Seven "Gates of Freedom" addressing relevant social issues will grace the ramparts of Wittenberg's Old Town and open your eyes to future developments in the areas of spirituality, youth, peace, justice, integrity of creation, globalization, one world, culture, ecumenism, and religion. The 2017 Reformation Summer will welcome churches, institutions, organizations, initiatives, and individuals from all over the world to present their modern take on the Reformation and features an exciting, ever-changing events program that will enthrall all the senses.

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Kirchentage on the Way

May 25 2017 - May 27 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Jena/Weimar, Dessau-Roßlau, Halle/Eisleben

Lutherstadt Wittenberg and seven other cities in LutherCountry will host celebrations worthy of the Reformation's mighty legacy as part of the program "Kirchentage on the Way". These cities will serve as attractive spiritual and cultural stops on the way to the celebratory church service in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, allowing guests to rediscover one of Germany's most significant cultural landscapes as ecumenical worship services, the World Reformation Exhibition, and unique concerts and musical events bring the Reformation back to life!

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Festival Weekend

May 27 2017 - May 28 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

People from all over the world will gather on the Elbe meadows outside the gates of Wittenberg on this special weekend. The festival begins on Saturday at sunset with a “night of lights”. The backdrop of the Castle Church and St Mary's Town Church across the meadows contribute to the extraordinary atmosphere of the next morning’s sunrise, welcomed with visitors’ songs and prayers. The “Kirchentage on the Way” will culminate in a big Festival Church Service on Sunday at noon.

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Festival Church Service

May 28 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Scheduled for May 28th on the meadows of the Elbe River across from Wittenberg's Old Town, an open air church service will act as the stunning pinnacle of the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag. Guests will find themselves in the same place where Luther once stood upon first arriving in Wittenberg, complete with a breathtaking view of the city and the historic Castle Church tower. Experience moving, once-in-a-lifetime moments of singing, praying, and worshiping with other pilgrims and visitors from around the world during the Anniversary Year 2017.

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Jun 05 2017 - Nov 01 2017


Julius Pflug was a counselor and diplomat, appointed by Emperor Charles V and the Roman Curia to conduct the negotiations with the Protestants. This earned him a central role in the crucial developments of the Reformation era. The exhibition is intended to show Pflug’s role as a mediator in the turbulent times of the Reformation, while conveying his great significance for ecumenical dialog of the present. Exceptional objects from numerous European collections are on display at different sites all over Zeitz, such as the Moritzburg Palace Museum, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Collegiate Chapter Library in the gatehouse and St. Michael’s Church.

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Luther Festival

Jun 16 2017 - Jun 18 2017


The old market square will be returned to 1537, the very year that Luther presented his Articles of Faith at the meeting of the Schmalkaldic League. The town celebrates this important point in history with medieval music, a big fire performance as well as food and drink from Luther’s time.

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Music in Parish and Village Churches

Jun 17 2017 - Jul 16 2017

Weimar Area

Ten concerts in ten different churches in the Weimar area will celebrate Luther’s love of music. He wished for services to be musical in order to involve the community in the service.

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13. International Congress for Luther Research

Jul 30 2017 - Aug 04 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The Congress will explore the beginnings of the Reformation with the theme “1517". Luther between Tradition and Renewal”, which will consider the late medieval context and the ongoing impact of Luther.

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Aug 07 2017 - Aug 11 2017

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The international congress “Cultural Impact of the Reformation” at the old LEUCOREA University in Lutherstadt Wittenberg from August 7–11, 2017, aims to achieve a profound understanding and a new description of the impacts of the Reformation.

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Sep 01 2017 - Jan 28 2018


Magdeburg’s conversion to the Protestant faith was one of Luther’s greatest victories. The special exhibition shows the dispute between the city’s preachers and imperial representatives over faith, power and justice.

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Dec 01 2017 - Mar 01 2017

Francke Foundation Halle (Saale)

Follow the photographer Joerg Glaescher on his journey through LutherCountry and admire his impressive photographs.

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