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zum Inhalt springen Events at the Wartburg in Eisenach © Christiane Hoehne, MDR

All LutherCountry Events

Luther 1517: 360° Panorama by Yadegar Asisi

Oct 22 2016 - Oct 31 2021

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The 360° panorama is dedicated to the events that took place 500 years ago, in the very city where Martin Luther started the Reformation. The scenes of the panorama bring Lutherstadt Wittenberg to life. Visitors can look for some of the most famous inhabitants during the Reformation, the Great Reformer himself and other important Reformation Heroes in the scenes of this important LutherCity.

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Bach Festival Arnstadt

Mar 16 2018 - Mar 21 2018


Arnstadt still features more original locations related to the Bach family than any other town. There is much to discover, experience, hear and marvel at. Treat yourself to a short holiday and visit the Bach-Festival 2018!

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Luther Music Festival

Mar 21 2018 - Apr 15 2018


The Luther Music Festival in Eisenach offers a varied program of concerts and other cultural events in honor of its famous inhabitants Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach in conclusion of the Thuringian Bach Weeks throughout LutherCountry. Visitors are invited to walk in the footsteps of Luther and Bach with the future in sight. Contemporary interpretations of Bach, dance theatre and classical and electronic arrangements will be presented in several concerts at the Luther Music Festival in Eisenach.

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Easter Market in Weimar

Mar 24 2018 - Mar 25 2018


Weimar's marketers, restaurateurs and craftsmen welcome you to celebrate the beginning of spring on the city's market square. A perfect opportunity to shop for Easter presents like jewelry or decorative arts and the best place to get into the Easter mood.

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Luther's School Enrollment

Apr 07 2018 - Apr 22 2017


Since 2004 this festival is celebrated in honor of Martin Luther's school enrollment. A few months after Martin Luther's birth his family moved to Mansfeld-Lutherstadt, where he lived as a child. He went to school from 1488 until 1496 in Mansfeld-Lutherstadt.

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Handel Festival

May 25 2018 - Jun 10 2018

Halle (Saale)

The Handel Festival takes place in Halle (Salle), the birthplace of George Frederic Handel, every year since 1922. Music can be enjoyed at authentic venues throughout Halle.

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Luther's Wedding

Jun 08 2018 - Jun 10 2018

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

June 13, 1525 commemorates the day the former monk Martin Luther and the escaped nun Katharina von Bora exchanged their wedding vows in this wonderful city by the river Elbe. Each year this historic moment is celebrated by residents and guests. Join in the celebrations, when the wedded couple and 2,000 opulently costumed wedding guest's parade through the streets of the old town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

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Merchants' Bridge Festival

Jun 15 2018 - Jun 17 2018


Every year on the third weekend in June, Erfurt brings the Middle Ages back to life in the form of the Merchants' Bridge Festival. The setting for this old town festival is the Merchants' Bridge, one of Erfurt's must-see landmarks. Craftsmen demonstrate the skills of the past, entertainers provide fun and games, minstrels sing and sword fighters step up for battle. There is also a fair on the cathedral square at the same time as the festival, providing entertainment all around the city.

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MDR Music Summer

Jun 30 2018 - Sep 01 2018

Throughout LutherCountry

Many sites in LutherCountry turn into the perfect location for breathtaking concerts during the MDR Music Summer. Enjoy various concerts (July 13, Aug 4, 10, 17 and Sep 1 2018) in the historical atmosphere of Wartburg Castle in LutherCity Eisenach, where Luther translated the Bible into German.

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Lantern Festival

Aug 24 2018 - Aug 27 2017

Halle (Saale)

The best way to enjoy LutherCountry on a warm summer night is to visit one of its many festivals! Lights, reflections on the water, and the illuminated castle and landscape – you will find all this and much more at the Lantern Festival in Halle (Saale).

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Koethen Bach Festival

Aug 26 2018 - Sep 02 2018


Among J. S. Bach's best-known works are the Brandenburg Concertos. He composed these much-loved pieces in Koethen. Visit Koethen Castle, where Bach was Director of Music for the Prince of Anhalt-Koethen; listen to a concert in the Castle's spectacular Hall of Mirrors. The city celebrates him with the International Bach Festival – but it only takes place every other year.

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Wine Festival in Weimar

Aug 30 2018 - Sep 02 2018

Market Square Weimar

The traditional wine festival is held in honor of Goethe's birthday. A wine village at the Market Square invites visitors to taste wines and many more culinary specialties. With a little bit of luck you might also have the opportunity to meet the wine queens of the different regions.

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Weimar's Onion Market

Oct 12 2018 - Oct 14 2018


Onion cake, onion soup, onion bread, onion salad and the list goes on. The onion is everywhere you look this weekend in Weimar. Every year it attracts more than 300,000 visitors who travel to Weimar to find out just why local residents celebrate this special vegetable. With a little bit of luck you might even meet the onion Queen.

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Wittenberg Renaissance Music Festival

Oct 26 2018 - Oct 31 2018

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The Wittenberg Renaissance Music Festival takes place every year in the week before Reformation Day. It celebrates Lutherstadt Wittenberg as the cradle of the Reformation and of the evangelical church music. It also portrays the artistic, culinary and musical aspects of the Renaissance. In the context of the diversified program, renowned local and international artists will be awaited for the festival in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Concerts, dancing courses, various workshops, a colorful festival and the infamous Renaissance ball will contribute to a unique experience.

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Reformation Festival

Oct 31 2018 - Oct 31 2016

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Lutherstadt Wittenberg stages a major Reformation Day festival, starting with a 10 a.m. service in the city's two main churches, the Castle Church, where Luther nailed up the 95 Theses on October 31, 1517, and the St. Mary's Town Church, where Luther preached and was married. Confirmation candidates from around the world are invited to confirm their faith at moving services in these historical churches, known for the quality of their music and singing.

Afterwards, the cobblestone streets of the city come alive with a parade and street theater, with concerts and exhibitions in the ancient buildings.

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St. Martin's Festival

Nov 10 2018

All over Germany

If there is one day a year that is enjoyed by families right across LutherCountry, it has to be November 11th. This is Saint Martin's Day, when families in the federal state of Thuringia in Germany celebrate two "Martins": Saint Martin of Tours and Martin Luther.

Both played very important roles in the history of LutherCity Erfurt, with Saint Martin of Tours being the city's patron saint and Martin Luther having been baptized there. In commemoration, local citizens will therefore celebrate St. Martin's Day on November 10th with a big festival featuring old traditions, music and delicious pastries.

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