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zum Inhalt springen Events at the Wartburg in Eisenach © Christiane Hoehne, MDR

Events in LutherCountry

Unforgettable events year after year!

No matter when you decide to visit LutherCountry, you're guaranteed to find an exciting array of events that'll make your trip even more special. Each year features a host of events and festivals focused on specific topics, such as music, art or tolerance and how they relate to the Reformation. These Reformation highlights are joined by myriad cultural events that invite you to experience local culture and customs in a fun and authentic way. The Theater Erfurt, for example, hosts over 400 events each year, including the majestic Cathedral Steps Festival, while every LutherCity puts on its own uniquely romantic Christmas market every holiday season. With so many events to choose from, you are free to create a LutherCountry experience suited exactly to your tastes!

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Major upcoming anniversaries


  • 500th anniversary of the Leipzig Debate: debates between Protestants and Catholics punctuated the early days of what became the Lutheran Church

  • 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus: the design movement that changed the way we lived in


  • 20 years Garden Dreams: the 43 most beautiful historical parks and gardens in Saxony-Anhalt

  • Musicland Thuringia: A celebration in honor of Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss and more


  • 500 years Luther in Worms (Luther appeared before the Diet of Worms)



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