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zum Inhalt springen Celebrate the Reformation © LutherCountry

The countdown to the 500th Reformation Day has begun! Organize your Reformation Party!

Are you looking for some great ideas for an amazing Reformation party with your congregation or your friends?

 Little Luther Playmobil Luther Shoes Celebrate the Reformation

Get ready to make this day unforgettable with our following tips.

Serve some of LutherCountry’s traditional delicacies

  • Thuringian Bratwurst
  • Side dishes: red cabbage and Thuringian potato dumplings
  • Traditional cake recipes from LutherCountry
  • Find the recipes here
  • Serve the food in special themed pans 

Prepare some special drinks

Use fun party supplies

  • Cups
  • Wine glasses and steins
  • Napkins
  • Table decoration
  • Great home goods can be found here and here

Special gifts for your guests

War a fancy party outfit 

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Shirts
  • Headwear
  • Apparel can be found here and here 

Organize fun party activities

  • Do-it-yourself photo box with a Martin Luther mask or a self-colored Luther silhouette (free download)
  • Martin Luther quiz
  • Watch films about Martin Luther and the cradle of the Reformation
  • Dress up like Martin Luther and his wife Katharina von Bora
  • Sing famous songs by Martin Luther, such as “A mighty fortress”

Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to share them on our social media channels just include #LutherCountry!

Finally, we would love to see pictures of your party in our competition on www.celebrate-the-reformation.com.
Win a limited edition statue of Martin Luther by Ottmar Hoerl for your own church - straight from LutherCountry! But hurry up the  competition closes on Reformation Day 2017.