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zum Inhalt springen Monastery garden at the monastery in Jerichow in the Altmark © Frank Boxler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Explore LutherCountry

From breathtaking landscapes and inspired works of art to delicious cuisine and unforgettable events, your LutherCountry adventure is sure to be one you'll never forget. Unique events take place in LutherCountry all year round; just check our calender of events to make sure you won't miss out on an event while you're here!

Better still, LutherCountry is home to myriad highlights which are sure to inspire you to actively discover LutherCountry. We invite you to touch the face of LutherCountry – its glorious trees, valleys, hills, lakes, and streams – by embarking on a journey down one of our many bike paths or hiking trails, like the famous Luther Trail, or discovering your own personal Eden at the Garden Kingdom Dessau-Woerlitz, just one of LutherCountry's many UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites.

But why stop at the surface? Peer into our region's soul by encountering the art created, preserved, and loved by its people. Lucas Cranach the Elder, for example, left an indelible mark on the artistic development of the region; learn more about this famous "Reformation Painter" at the Anhalt Picture Gallery in Dessau and stand face-to-face with some of his most important works of art.

Another great way to explore the regional culture is by exploring LutherCountry's musical heritage and its world famous composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel, and Richard Wagner.

Last but not least, allow our regional cuisine to win your heart with ancient recipes that are just as tasty as they are diverse. In addition to the many traditional and gourmet restaurants in LutherCountry, "Kaffeeklatsch" (or "a nice chat over coffee") is a truly authentic culinary experience you won't want to miss!

We're sure that once you've seen, experienced, explored, and tasted LutherCountry's many splendors, they'll always have a very special place in your heart!