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Insider Tip

The annual Thuringian Bach Weeks represent the largest festival of classical music in Southern LutherCountry, breathing new life into some of Bach's most beautiful works in original locations.

LutherCountry’s Famous Composers

Many of the renowned composers whose works still move us today found their muse in LutherCountry. Come and be amazed by the many museums, exhibitions, and performances throughout the region that bring new life to these composers' great works.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Born in Eisenach, Johann Sebastian Bach also spent part of his life in Weimar and Muehlhausen, where he played the Palace Church and Divi Blasii organs, respectively. St. George's Church in Eisenach still houses Bach's original baptismal font, and the city's Bach House Museum offers a unique, hands-on musical experience. Furthermore, the city of Arnstadt hosts an annual Bach Festival dedicated to this great composer and his works.

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George Frideric Handel

Handel was born in Halle (Saale), which is now known as "The Handel City". Halle (Saale) is home to the Handel House Museum and celebrates the renowned Handel Festival every year. The Market Church where he was baptized, the cathedral organ which he played, and the impressive Handel Monument are just a few of the city's fascinating Handel highlights waiting to be discovered.

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Richard Wagner

Although Richard Wagner was born in nearby Saxony in the city of Leipzig, he also left an indelible mark on LutherCountry. Wagner's most famous connection to LutherCountry is arguably the Wartburg Castle, which inspired him to write his famous "Tannhäuser" opera. Fittingly, Eisenach is now home to the Reuter-Wagner Museum and owns the 2nd largest Richard Wagner Collection in the world.

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Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt spent part of his life in Weimar, where he served as court musical director. His music and remarkable influence are remembered today by the city's Liszt School of Music and Liszt House.

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Georg Philipp Telemann

Telemann was born in Magdeburg in 1681. Today, the city's Telemann Pillar stands in honor of his memory, which is brought back to life every two years in March with the city's popular Telemann Festival Days.

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Kurt Weill

Kurt Weill is one of LutherCountry's most recent "musical geniuses". Born to a Jewish family in Dessau in 1900, Weill immigrated to the USA in 1935 and became a renowned Broadway composer. The Kurt Weill Center at the Feininger House, one of the Bauhaus Masters' Houses, offers a fascinating look into the life and work of the man who made an enormous impact on American musical theater.

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