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Music Events in LutherCountry

Thuringia Bach Festival

Apr 12 2019 - May 05 2019

Arnstadt, Weimar

From Arnstadt to Weimar and in several towns in Southern LutherCountry you can explore the history of the baroque composer and organ virtuoso Johann Sebastian Bach and his family. The Thuringian Bach Festival emphasizes the composer's musical heritage in the region by hosting concerts and readings at places where he lived and worked.

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Handel Festival

May 31 2019 - Jun 16 2019

Halle (Saale)

The Handel Festival takes place in Halle (Salle), the birthplace of George Frederic Handel, every year since 1922. Music can be enjoyed at authentic venues throughout Halle.

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MDR Music Summer

Jun 01 2019 - Sep 07 2019

Throughout LutherCountry

Many sites in LutherCountry turn into the perfect location for breathtaking concerts during the MDR Music Summer. Enjoy various concerts in the historical atmosphere of Wartburg Castle in LutherCity Eisenach (June 22, July 13, 19, August 2, 16, 30), where Luther translated the Bible into German.

More concerts are taking place in various LutherCities such as Dessau (June 9), Schmalkalden (June 23), Magdeburg (June 29, July 5), Muehlhausen (July 21), Erfurt (July 25), Weimar (July 26, August 18) and Halle (August 31).

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Cathedral Steps Festival Erfurt

Aug 09 2019 - Sep 01 2019


This unique festival, an open-air spectacle on the cathedral steps, has been in existence since 1994. Each year the Theater Erfurt brings a new performance to the Cathedral Square, set before the impressive 700-year-old backdrop of the St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Severi Church, a medieval church ensemble. The summer event highlight has already inspired several hundred thousand visitors to make a pilgrimage to what is certainly Thuringia's most beautiful open-air stage. For quite some time viewers have traveled not only from Germany, but also from many other European countries, as well as from the USA, China and Australia.

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