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zum Inhalt springen Relax in front of the Luther House in Lutherstadt Wittenberg © Jörg Gläscher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Great times in LutherCountry!

1. What made you want to travel to LutherCountry?

My interest in Martin Luther and the story of the Reformation started when I was in the eighth grade at a Lutheran school in New Orleans. Our Parent Teacher League had a movie night where they showed the black and white movie, Martin Luther (a Louis Derochemont Associates Production). Then that same year, we had a study of Martin Luther in religion class; and I read the books Martin Luther, Hero of Faith (Frederick Nohl); and Kitty, My Rib (E. Jane Mall). I have been interested in Martin and Katie Luther for a long time and when the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 Theses came around, I talked my husband who is a Lutheran pastor into taking a Reformation tour in November of 2017. We returned to Luther Country in 2019 when my husband served as the visiting pastor for the Wittenberg English Ministry, allowing us to spend two full weeks in Wittenberg and traveling to other parts of LutherCountry.

Wittenberg square

photo Wittenberg: Diana Ringers

2. What was the most memorable place you visited?

That is a tough question, I loved it all, but if I had to pick one city it would be Wittenberg. Wittenberg has the Castle Church where Luther posted the 95 Theses; the Town Church where Luther preached so many sermons and where he and Katie were married and his children were baptized; the Luther House which has so much information about Luther, the Reformation and his family; as well as other places important to the Reformation like the Cranach and Melanchthon house.


photo Wartburg: Diana Ringers

3. Would you recommend traveling to LutherCountry? And Why?

Absolutely, Luther Country is amazing. Not only is it a beautiful area, but traveling to these places is like a step back in time. I felt as though I was back in the 1500s in many of the places because so much work has gone into preserving the history of that time period. For those who appreciate history but do not want to spend too much time reading the information, there is lots to see and it is easy to comprehend. For those who enjoy details, the museums and exhibits offer so much information you can spend hours in each place. The people in each of these cities were so friendly and the food is fantastic.

These door

photo These Door: Diana Ringers

4. Did you travel individually or with a group?

group from Educational Opportunities. We enjoyed having professional tour guides and seeing the main sights we were interested in. We just had to make sure we were ready to go each morning and the days were well planned. On our most recent trip in 2019, my husband and I traveled alone. We loved that as well. We were based in Wittenberg most of the time, but took day trips to Leipzig, Erfurt, and Eisenach on the regional trains. We appreciated being on our own time schedule so that we could spend as much time as we wanted in the museums and churches. We would love to go back again someday.

Luther house

photo Luther House: Diana Ringers