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zum Inhalt springen Relax in front of the Luther House in Lutherstadt Wittenberg © Jörg Gläscher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

A Lutheran couple on a discovery tour!

1. Where did you find information for your trip? 

Various sources online. Its been eight years now, so I can't remember precisely. 

Doug in Wittenberg

photo Wittenberg: Doug Baughman

2. When did you travel to LutherCountry and which cities did you visit?

That My wife and I lived in Brussels for three months in 2012 for my job. During that stay we took a long weekend and flew to Berlin. On Sunday April 15th we took the train to Wittenberg and spent the day there.

 Ginny in the Lutherstube

photo Lutherstube: Doug Baughman

3. Would you like to visit LutherCountry again? Why?

Absolutely, Yes, because we enjoyed our day in Wittenberg so much and of course there are several other LutherCountry cities that we didn't get to visit and would like too. 

Doug in Wittenberg

photo Doug Baughman: Doug Baughman

4. Which is your favorite picture of LutherCountry? Why?

It's hard to pick a single favorite. I'm attaching our five favorites. 

Ginny & Katharina & Martin

photo Ginny Baughman with puppets of Martin Luther & Katharina von Bora: Doug Baughman