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zum Inhalt springen Relax in front of the Luther House in Lutherstadt Wittenberg © Jörg Gläscher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Experiencing Lutherstadt Wittenberg with all senses!

1. What made you want to travel to LutherCountry? 

Because of our historic Polish/Russian/Canadian Lutheran roots we knew immediately that a few years ago (2015), while in the planning stages of a memorable river cruise along the Danube, and our very first visit from Canada to Germany, that we must work in a ‘detour’ to LutherCountry, at the very least to visit Lutherstadt Wittenburg, the major point of Martin Luther history that we were aware of at the time.

Elaine in Wittenberg

photo Wittenberg: Elaine Janke

2. What did you like (most) about LutherCountry?

The history and quaint feel of the ‘old town’ Wittenburg was simply amazing! To be immersed and surrounded by buildings, streets, artifacts, history that are hundreds and hundreds of years old was especially surreal for us as Canadians! (where a century building is considered ‘old’). Revisiting the life & times of Martin Luther, and the history which impacted Lutheran Christians so many years ago was incredible, and to think we were walking along those very same cobblestone streets and stepped inside the homes & buildings where Luther, his wife, his children & friends lived so very long ago was really unimaginable! Also appreciated learning of the Luther connection to the great composers/musicians of the day e.g. Bach (where Bach and ML history collided, although the two never met having lived 200 years apart!), this during our stopover at Leipsig, before catching the train which took us back to Berlin and home.

 German Beer

photo German Beer: Elaine Janke

3. Which was the funniest German word, or the one you encountered or used most frequently while in LutherCountry, that you will remember for th rest of your life?

Took a couple of pics of signs (although at the time were not always sure what they were saying) – will attach.  

Warning Sign 2

photo Funny Warning Sign: Elaine Janke

4. What is your connection to Martin Luther?

Having both been born & raised in the Lutheran faith, our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents were involved in the establishment & history of our Lutheran churches in small town (southern Manitoba) Canadian prairies since the 1900’s. Many hours were spent hearing & learning of Martin Luther and his teachings, beliefs & historical impact throughout our ‘impressionable’ teenage years at regular Confirmation classes. 

Stuart Janke

Elaine Janke

photos Stuart & Elaine Janke: Elaine Janke