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Interacting with locals

In some regions of Germany it is customary to shake hands when greeting others, even when you leave them once again. Make sure you shake every individual's hand, even when you are joining the group in the middle of a conversation. In other parts of the country it is sufficient to say a nice "hallo" or something like that. But don't worry: If you're not too sure about how to greet someone wait and see what others do.

Make sure you are punctual when you have arranged to meet someone, being late is considered very rude by most Germans. You can also apply the new phrases you have learnt as it is polite for example to wish everyone an enjoyable meal and to toast when everyone has received their drinks; make sure you keep eye contact when doing so.

Another useful fact, if you are invited to a German's home throughout your stay, make sure you bring them a small gift; a hostess always appreciates flowers or a nice bottle of wine or such.