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Renting a car

In most cases your national driver's license is sufficient to rent a car in Germany, yet some car rental agencies might require an International Driving Permit, which you can get from your local AAA office. Just check with your rental agency before booking whether or not you need such a permit. Also make sure to check for any possible age restrictions. 

Sometimes you can save money by comparing different agencies and booking the cheapest one from your home country before going to Germany. To save money on gas, ask for a diesel car.

Note that most rental cars in Germany are manual and you will have to ask specifically for an automatic car if you wish so. Make sure to check the car thoroughly while still at the rental agency. Should there be any damage visible make the agency sign a paper with a list of all damages (no matter how small or unimportant they may seem at first).

It might be advisable to get a GPS system for your car, as German roads (especially in the bigger cities) can be quite confusing at times. Another option are certain apps to use with your smartphone. Just make sure to download offline maps of the regions you want to visit beforehand or while using wifi to save on your data-roaming bill. In case you have difficulties with German spelling, these tips might help: If there is a "ß" included in the address but you cannot find it on your keyboard, type in "ss" instead. The same goes for the umlauts ä=ae, ö=oe and ü=ue.