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Restaurant Guidance

The easiest option would be to ask staff at the reception of your accommodation for a list of local restaurants. They are always more than happy to help and will be able to recommend the best places; depending on what atmosphere and type of food you would prefer (German, Italian etc.).

Local or family-run restaurants often offer the best food and the best value. It may be more difficult to communicate but don't let that stop you! These establishments will give you a better experience of German traditions and amazing food that you wouldn't experience anywhere else.

Unless there is a host, a hostess or a sign you may freely choose your preferred table. If there is a sign saying "Reserviert" this table is reserved and the sign "Stammtisch" (only in little local restaurants) indicates that this table is reserved for a particular group of people who come back regularly and always have the same table. So, just look for a table without signs like these.

Careful: there are no free refills in Germany, so beware when ordering your drinks. Also, the price you see on a menu (but also in shops etc.) is always the final price, which means that VAT is always included in the indicated price.

It is considered rude to ask for tap water and iced water is not automatically placed on your table at arrival. The waiter/waitress will ask you if you prefer still or sparkling water and would then either bring you a bottle with some glasses or a glass in the size of your choice.

If you like ice in your drink, don't hesitate to ask for it specifically. Beverages are cooled previously but usually the glass is not filled with ice when brought to the table.