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The indicated prices in stores always include VAT already, so this will be the price you actually have to pay. One exception can be price-reduced article; sometimes the price shown on the product is the original price and they will give you the discount at the register (just ask one of the salespersons if you're not sure).

In case you need a shopping cart, always have a EUR 1 coin handy, as you will have to use 1 euro as a deposit in most stores. Just insert the coin in the slot at the cart's handle. You will get your coin back once you bring back the shopping cart.

Bring a basket or some bags when you go grocery shopping. Most shops don't offer any complimentary plastic bags anymore; they offer bags for sell though in most cases. Everyone bags his/her own groceries.

Recycling plays an important role in everyday life in Germany. Whenever you buy a drink in a bottle or a can at any store, you pay an extra deposit (up to EUR 0.25 per bottle), which you will get back once you return the bottle (look for "Pfandrückgabe" or "Pfandautomat").

Special Tip: Check out our pocked-sized conversion chart.