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Weather Forecast

Weather in Germany can be rather unpredictable, especially during the summer. So it is always useful to have a foldable umbrella or a rain coat handy, just in case! Packing layers is essential during the various seasons as you never know, so always come prepared.

From March until June you can expect quite a mild climate with temperatures reaching up to 60°F or even higher. German summers are usually very sunny and extremely beautiful with temperatures that can reach up to 85-90°F. During winter you can expect snowfall but it doesn't get too cold; temperatures normally never go below 20-25°F.

Temperatures also vary across different regions in Germany. While it can be cold and rainy in Northern Germany, it might be sunny and warm in Southern Germany and vice versa. So if you're planning a road trip you might encounter quite some change in weather.

There truly is something for everyone!

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