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WLAN in LutherCountry

Inhabitants and tourists can use many free public WLAN hotspots in LutherCountry. In Lutherstadt Wittenberg free Wifi is available throughout the whole city center (round about 20 spots). In other LutherCities such as Lutherstadt Eisleben and Mansfeld-Lutherstadt free WLAN hotspots can be found at historic sites (Luther’s Birthplace, Luther’s Death House and Luther’s Parents’ Home) and squares with a direct connection to the Reformation anniversary or Tourist Informations and museums. Watch out for LutherWLAN!

In LutherCities Erfurt, Weimar, Dessau, Magdeburg, Mühlhausen and Gotha you can use free Vodafone Hotspots (free 30 min daily without registration). Search for the city and find your nearest hotspot here. Those hotspots are also usable along the Luther Trail for using the helpful “Luther to go” App. So don’t worry, 40 hotspots will connect you with your family and friends!