ARS Incoming

ARS-Incoming is specialized in creating "once-in-a-lifetime" travel experiences for all its guests by taking into consideration the special needs of every individual traveler or group. This is possible since we share excellent relationships to numerous church parishes and local institutions throughout Germany. We are aware that it also takes solid accommodation and transportation conducted by experienced hotel partners and bus drivers to provide a smooth and safe travel experience.

Born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and raised in a Christian Family, Kathrin Prockl as owner of ARS-Incoming grew up in the place where up to today Luther's life and work can be vividly seen and felt. It is her deepest wish to make you see places she used to visit with numerous groups she lead throughout LutherCountry and to experience Luther's impact in the past, present and future.

Turlweg 23
93138 Lappersdorf, Germany
Phone: +49 941 8905450
Fax: +49 941 8905451