Biblical Tours

As a tour operator specializing in trips with a predominantly religious theme, we have been satisfying the needs of our customers for more than 50 years. Founded in 1962 in Stuttgart, Biblical Tours – the official tour operator of the German Catholic Bible Association and Protestant Bible Society – provides services in our homeland Germany to our guests from abroad.

Our company logo in the form of a diodos represents two paths – two paths that come together under the pages of an open book. In addition, it conjures up images of a bird in flight. On the one hand we make reference to the ecumenical movement of the Churches as they meet "under" the Word of God. And on the other hand we point out the importance of travel as a means to a greater understanding of God's Word.

When you organize the tour with us, you can expect much more than a professional service: thanks to our excellent contacts with parishes and public organizations, we can provide high-profile partners for your group to meet for discussions and in-depth information about your particular subject of interest. If you are looking for a company where travel professionals and theologians work together, Biblical Tours is your partner.

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