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Europe for Groups. Invite church groups, choirs, and universities to travel through Europe, and let us take care of it. Terra Lu Travel is the specialized B2B incoming operator in Terra Lutherana, the Land of Martin Luther. Bring your groups to Europe, and let them follow the steps of Authors, Dreamers, and Composers. Study original texts at authentic places. Or enjoy a time of leisure and peace. Terra Lu Travel organizes your group travels in Europe, tailored and just for you. Tell us where your groups want to travel, and we start working. We meet your party at the Airport, care about hotels and guides, get the tickets for concerts and events. Terra Lu Travel will make sure your guests get the best possible experience.

Terra Lu Travel is well connected to local churches, church organizations, and all tourist associations in LutherCountry, which enables us to set up LutherDecade trips "behind the scenes" based on the latest information on regional events and offers. Bus, hotels, guides – and also welcome events in Lutheran churches in Germany, venues for choir concerts, even low budget travel for youth groups in church guesthouses and camps - with Terra Lu Travel you can get all land operations in Europe "from the airport to the airport" out of one hand.

Terra Lu Travel & Consult GmbH is owned by Rev. Christian Utpatel, an expert for spiritual travel in Germany and Europe for more than 25 years. Beside his travel expertise Christian also is a Lutheran pastor and bus driver. He sets up the contacts and has ideas to make the trip to Germany an unforgettable lifetime experience in Terra Lutherana, Luther's land. The Terra Lu experience started in 1990 with a six week European tour for a university choir from the United States. From that time on, more and more groups from several congregations, schools, and universities have used the inside knowledge of Christian Utpatel. In the years 1994 to 1996 Christian was Director of the Contact Office for Church and Tourism for the LutherYear 1996. Facing the Luther Year 2017 Christian recently developed the "LutherDecade" marketing campaign for Wittenberg County.

Terra Lu Travel is a member of the local association "WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg" as well as of ASTA, NTA, the Association of German DMC's, and the Faith Travel Association.

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