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It took two millennia to create the grandeur of Christian civilization, but you can recapture its essence in one meaningful journey. One of the chief admonitions of Scripture is to remember the mighty deeds of God. CTP is taking that admonition seriously and is offering a Christian travel experience that will help you and your tour group  remember the greatest cultural achievement in history: the creation of Christian civilization.

We, at LutherTours ("LT") and Christian Travel Planners, ("CTP"), have had the privilege of providing quality Christian travel and warmhearted fellowship for individuals, families and groups for over 46 years. We specialize in custom small group travel to worldwide destinations. We have offices and affiliates  in Europe, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece, to make sure you are pampered each step along your journey. You will be surprised to learn that with CTP you can realize the benefits and savings of large tour groups with just a small group of friends, family or colleagues.

Our 46 year relationships with partners and suppliers gives us advantages that result in the best possible combination of quality, price and honest value for you, our treasured clients. CTP provides worldwide travel that invites you to explore your faith and to experience true stories of heroism and faith in the places of old that you have heard about all of your life. These spiritual treasures are the legacy to our future generations. As Winston Churchill once said, "The further backward you can look, the farther forward you can see."

Join a tour or customize your own tour with us to the destinations that you have always dreamed about!

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