Music Contact International

Founded in 1987, Music Contact International has built a strong reputation for arranging deeply meaningful group travel experiences and providing top-quality services. We specialize in performance, cultural, and educational tours for choirs, churches, universities, and any other group of people who want to discover the world together.  With one of its founders and a senior team member hailing from Germany, Music Contact International has strong connections with the places where Martin Luther, J.S. Bach, and so many other musical and cultural giants lived and worked.  All of our tours are completely customized. We love to set up special visits, lectures, cultural exchanges, and friendship concerts to help our travelers connect with people across cultural and linguistic boundaries.  

For the past 27 years, thousands of performance ensembles, churches, and university groups have chosen Music Contact International to plan their tours. We believe that the best testament to the quality and caring service we provide is the number of loyal clients we are fortunate to have travel with us time and time again.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Music Contact International
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