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zum Inhalt springen Wartburg Castle in Eisenach © Anna-Lena Thamm, Thuringia Tourist Board


"I have seen visitors kneel when they enter Luther's Room. The atmosphere is so special."

Anonymous Tour Guide at Wartburg Castle


Do you want to experience the “Full power of the Reformation”? Even in 2018 there will be a Special Exhibition in Eisenach called "Heretic, schismatic, teacher of the faith - The catholic view of Luther".

For more information please visit: www.lutherhaus-eisenach.com

The Luther Connection

Luther's connection to Eisenach can be traced back to his mother, Margarete; a native of Eisenach, she sent Luther to stay with relatives and attend school in her beloved hometown. Later in life, Martin Luther returned to Eisenach and accomplished one of his most impressive intellectual feats while sequestered at Wartburg Castle: Translating the New Testament into German. Having been "kidnapped" for his own safety by his good friend, Georg Spalatin, Luther found shelter from his enemies under the guise of "Squire George" ("Junker Joerg") and completed this daunting undertaking in just 10 weeks. With its expansive courtyard and towering walls, Wartburg Castle still towers over the city of Eisenach and serves as one of the many exciting stops on the popular Luther Trail.

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Courtyard of the Wartburg Castle © Andreas Weise, Thuringia Tourist BoardLuther's Cell © LutherCountry