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zum Inhalt springen St. Mary`s Cathedral and St. Severi Church Erfurt © Thuringia Tourist Board

Visitor Resources

Tourist Information Erfurt

Benediktsplatz 1
99084 Erfurt
+49 (0) 361 664 00


Augustinian Monastery

Call +49 (0) 361 576 600

Dorint Hotel am Dom Erfurt *****

Call +49 (0) 361 644 50

Hotel Kraemerbruecke ****

Call +49 (0) 361 674 00

Hotel Zumnorde ****S

Call +49 (0) 361 568 00

InterCityHotel Erfurt ****

Call +49 (0) 361 560 00

Mercure Hotel Erfurt Altstadt ****

Call +49 (0) 361 59 49 0

Radisson Blu Hotel Erfurt ****S

Call +49 (0) 361 551 00


Augustinian Monastery Exhibition "Bible - Monastery - Luther"

City Museum Erfurt

The Old Synagogue in Erfurt

Anger Museum

Thuringian Folklore Museum


St. Mary's Cathedral and the St. Severi Church

Augustinian Monastery

Michaelis Church

Merchants' Church St. Gregorius

Guided Tours

Historical Old Town Tour

Evening Tour with the Night Watchman

Petersberg Citadel Tour

Traces of Jewish History Tour

Erfurt City Tram Tour

iGuide (independent virtual guide)

In Luther's Footsteps

Through Erfurt in Bach's Footsteps



Merchants' Bridge

egapark Erfurt

Petersberg Citadel

German Horticultural Museum

Theater Erfurt

Visitor Resources Key

Facilities accessible to those with walking impairments or who require a wheelchair

Aides for the deaf and hard of hearing

Aides for the blind and visually impaired

Services available in English

Costumed tours