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zum Inhalt springen Nature in LutherCountry © Toma Babovic, Thuringia Tourist Board


"Who does not honor a penny shall not become master of any florins."

Martin Luther

Further LutherCities

It's not without reason that the Reformation has been described as a wave of change that engulfed the world. From the largest cities to the smallest villages, Martin Luther's new system of values and beliefs changed lives and communities at home and abroad. The Birthplace of the Reformation is no exception, which is why the 12 LutherCities we've introduced in detail are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the treasure trove of Reformation history waiting to be discovered right here in LutherCountry. Northern and Southern LutherCountry boast a long list of many other fascinating, albeit lesser-known, towns and villages with tangible traces of the Reformation and its many heroes. Take a sneak peek at what other surprises LutherCountry has in store for your unforgettable journey to the roots of the Reformation!