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zum Inhalt springen Naumburg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul © Hagen Neßler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


"God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does."

Martin Luther

Northern LutherCountry

Map Northern LutherCountryNorthern LutherCountry is home to several other cities that played both major and minor roles in the film of Luther’s life. From churches where he preached to houses where he slept, find out which authentic sites are worth a visit as you follow Luther’s footsteps through LutherCountry!

© Hagen Neßler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


Located just a few miles away from Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Kemberg is one of the stations along the "Luther Trail" pilgrimage route that stretches about 1,000 miles across LutherCountry. Its Church of Our Lady is home to the restored remains of an altar created by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

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© Michael Bader, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


Martin Luther consecrated his good friend and fellow reformer, Nikolaus von Amsdorf, the very first Protestant bishop on January 20, 1542 inside the city’s St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Today, the cathedral is considered to be one of the most significant cultural monuments built in Europe during the High Middle Ages.

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© Schuetze/Rodemann, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


Thomas Muentzer was born here in 1489 and the city is still home to a Thomas Muentzer House. Martin Luther came to Stolberg on April 21, 1525 to preach against the Peasants’ Revolt at St. Martin’s Church. The town church boasts beautiful reminders of the city’s role in the Reformation, with highlights like a glass window with an image of Martin Luther, as well as paintings of both Luther and Melanchthon.

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© Hagen Immel, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


Zeitz is home to the “Lutheriden”, a society made up of Luther descendants. In 1882, an original copy of the 95 Theses dating from 1517 was discovered inside St. Michael’s Church; a reproduction of this absolute rarity is currently on display inside the church library.

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© Juraj Lipták, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


Zerbst made history by becoming the first city in Northern LutherCountry to embrace the Reformation. As early as 1522, the town council invited Luther to Zerbst, where he gave sermons to the local Augustinian monastery. Today, the city is home to the largest Protestant grammar school in existence, whose library is home to valuable writings and relics of the Reformation.

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© Juraj Lipták, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


This quaint town in the foothills of the Harz Mountains was a pioneer during Reformation times, having asked a Lutheran preacher to serve its community as early as 1535. The earliest Protestant inscriptions can still be found etched into the framework of the town’s gorgeous half-timbered houses.

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© Juraj Lipták, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


Thomas Muentzer was pastor of Allstedt’s St. John’s Church and led the “Allstedt League”, an organization comprising hundreds of armed peasants, miners, and artisans. He delivered his critical “Sermon to the Princes” at Allstedt Palace in 1524 and was subsequently forced to leave the city.

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