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zum Inhalt springen Ducal Museum Gotha © Stefan Jakob, Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha


Worth a visit: Gotha's Castle Museum at Friedenstein Castle holds a collection stretching back over 350 years!

The City

Located in Southern LutherCountry, otherwise known as the "Green Heart of Germany", the residential city of Gotha exudes a special flair resulting from a unique mix of historic and modern elements. Shaped by a fascinating history, Gotha’s inimitable atmosphere enchants visitors from near and far. Its historic Old Town and Friedenstein Castle, the largest early Baroque castle and garden complex in Germany, serve as unmistakable landmarks that testify to unforgettable moments in history.

© Augustinerkloster Gotha

Augustinian Monastery and Church

Gotha’s Augustinian Church belongs to a monastery complex that was once home to monks of the Augustinian Eremite Order. This beautiful Gothic construction from 1366 is the only preserved monastery in the country, keeping the memory of centuries past alive to this very day. From 1675 to 1680, the church interior was redone in Baroque style at the behest of Duke Ernst I. Today, guests are welcome to stand in the same room where Luther once preached in 1515.

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© Roland Krischke, Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha

Friedenstein Castle

Gotha's Friedenstein Castle is home to a beautiful English-style park, an orangery garden, the Ducal Museum, and numerous bourgeois houses. This castle transports guests back in time and promises peaceful moments surrounded by pristine nature. In the southern part of the complex, the redeveloped Ducal Museum presents guests with artwork ranging from antiquity to the modern age, including works by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

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© Lutz Ebhardt, Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha

Cranach in Gotha

Lucas Cranach the Elder fell in love with his wife, Barbara Brengebier, right here in the romantic city of Gotha. Today, art enthusiasts can still visit the Cranach House on the Market Square and be inspired by some of his original works on display at the Ducal Museum inside Friedenstein Castle.

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