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zum Inhalt springen A Luther bible in the library of the Francke Foundations in Halle (Saale)
 © Harald Krieg, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Visitor Resources

Tourist Information Halle (Saale)

Marktplatz 13
6108 Halle (Saale)
+49 (0) 345 122 9984


Ankerhof Hotel ****

Call +49 (0) 345 232 320 0

City-Hotel Am Wasserturm ****

Call +49 (0) 345 298 20

Dorint Charlottenhof ****

Call +49 (0) 345 292 30

Dormero Hotel Rotes Ross ****S

Call +49 (0) 345 233 43 0

Hotel Atlas Halle ***

Call +49 (0) 345-68 15 300

Ibis Styles Halle

Call +49 (0) 345 571 20


The Moritzburg Foundation Federal State Museum

The Halloren and Salt Museum

The State Museum of Prehistory

The Handel House Foundation

Chocolate Museum Halle

Francke Foundations


Halle Cathedral

Market Church

Church of St. Moritz

Guided Tours

Stroll through the Old Town

City Tours through Handel's Hometown 

Guided Climb to the Hausmann Towers 

Tour of the City Cemetery

Martin Luther Tours

Educational Cosmos of World Significance


Market Square

Culture Island

Stadtgottesacker (City Renaissance Cementery)

Castle Giebichenstein Open Air Museum

Visitor Resources Key

Facilities accessible to those with walking impairments or who require a wheelchair

Aides for the deaf and hard of hearing

Aides for the blind and visually impaired

Services available in English

Costumed tours