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zum Inhalt springen View of the Castle Church in Lutherstadt Wittenberg © Joerg Glaescher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Map LutherCountry

Weimar Erfurt Gotha Schmalkalden Eisenach Muehlhausen Halle (Saale) Lutherstadt Eisleben Mansfeld-Lutherstadt Dessau Lutherstadt Wittenberg Magdeburg

Welcome to LutherCountry

Our beautiful region boasts rolling hills, fertile farmland, and dreamy villages whose half-timbered houses are the stuff of storybook fairytales. Romantic castles, elegant palaces, and formidable fortresses still whisper of words spoken and deeds done hundreds of years ago, while the forested Harz Mountains build a pristine wildlife sanctuary in the heart of LutherCountry. Thanks to a rich and tumultuous history, our region is a treasure chest of cultural heritage just waiting to be discovered, including authentic sites with close ties to the great Martin Luther.

The Reformation changed the way people thought about so many aspects of daily life. Although known as a religious reformer, Luther's ideas were also a catalyst for change in the areas of music, art, architecture, politics, and social responsibility. His influence spread through Western Europe and all the way to North America; in fact, modern Lutheran communities in places such as California, Texas, Georgia, and Minnesota are direct beneficiaries of Luther's legacy!

Although Martin Luther lived five centuries ago, his presence remains tangible today. We invite you to walk in his footsteps and experience fascinating Reformation history first-hand!

LutherCities: Go Explore!

Martin Luther's influence on the towns and cities in LutherCountry can still be seen today. From religion, music, and art to cuisine and lifestyle, you will find his footprints everywhere! We invite you to make your way through LutherCountry and get to know the landscape, attractions, and people that make it such a treasured jewel for locals and visitors alike. The map to the left shows you the location of all major LutherCities. To learn more about the Reformation history, cultural highlights, and tourist attractions connected to each city, simply click on the city's name and enjoy your virtual tour of LutherCountry!