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zum Inhalt springen View of the famous 95 theses against the sale of indulgences
 © Joerg Glaescher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


"Here I stand; I can do no other."

Martin Luther

Visitor Resources

Tourist Information Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Schlossplatz 2
6886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
+49 (0) 349 149 8610


Acron Hotel ***

Call +49 (0) 3491 43320

BEST WESTERN Stadtpalais Wittenberg ****

Call +49 (0) 349 142 50

Luther Hotel Wittenberg ***S

Call +49 (0) 349 145 80

Ringhotel "Schwarzer Baer" ***S

Call +49 (0) 3491 42 0 43 44


The Luther House (Augusteum)

Exhibition "Christian Art in the 20th Century", Old Town Hall

The Melanchthon House

Museum of Town History


Castle Church

St. Mary's Town Church

Guided Tours

Individual Group Tours

Audio Guides

On the footsteps of Martin Luther and other famous personalities

Travel back to the 16th Century

Women gossip from the 16th century


Hundertwasser School

Cranach Houses and Courtyards

Luther Garden

Piesteritzer Worker's Estate

Leucorea University of Wittenberg

Visitor Resources Key

Facilities accessible to those with walking impairments or who require a wheelchair

Aides for the deaf and hard of hearing

Aides for the blind and visually impaired

Services available in English

Costumed tours