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zum Inhalt springen Magdeburg Cathedral at dawn © Michael Bader, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


"To progress is always to begin always to begin again."

Martin Luther

The Luther Connection

Magdeburg’s conversion to the Protestant faith was one of Luther’s greatest victories. A memorial in front of St. John’s Church erected by the renowned sculptor Emil Hundrieser in 1886 serves as a continual reminder of Luther’s influence on this historic city. It started out small, with Martin Luther attending boarding school here for a year at the age of 13. Later on in 1524, Luther returned to the city to give a sermon that inspired almost every church in the city to convert to Protestantism in a matter of days. From this point onward, Magdeburg became a leader in the Reformation and a forerunner in the comprehensive reform of the school system.

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THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG © Magdeburg Marketing Kongress und Tourismus GmbHLuther Memorial © Harald Krieg, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt