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zum Inhalt springen Mansfeld Castle in Mansfeld-Lutherstadt © Hagen Neßler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Insider Tip

In honor of Martin Luther’s time at school, Mansfeld-Lutherstadt hosts an annual festival during the weekend after Easter.

The City

While Mansfeld-Lutherstadt didn’t receive its official city charter until 1400, the mining of copper and silver began here long before and served as a deciding factor in the city’s development. In 1996, the city received the name Mansfeld-Lutherstadt in honor of its important role in Martin Luther’s life. The city is home to several other touristic highlights, such as the “Germania” memorial. This impressive statue was inaugurated on July 19, 1885 in memory of the German-French War from 1870-1871.

© Stadtverwaltung Mansfeld

Luther's Parents' Home

The building in which Martin Luther lived with his parents from 1484 to 1497 re-opened as a museum in June 2014. Next to Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Luther spent the greatest amount of his life in this very house. Now home to the exhibition “I am a child of Mansfeld”, guests are invited to trace Luther’s legacy back to its roots.

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© Hagen Neßler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Mansfeld Castle

Mansfeld Castle is one of the region’s most dazzling highlights and boasts a long, impressive history. Once the property of the Duchess of Mansfeld, this castle perches high above the city surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean of trees. The late-Gothic architecture of the Castle Church, the old battlement remains, and numerous fortress ruins all serve to remind visitors of the former political power this mighty castle was able to wield. Martin Luther often visited the castle and preached in the Castle Church.

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© WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg e.V.

St. George’s Church

The Parish Church St. George received its current form between 1497 and 1518. A special highlight is its “Lutherbild” painting, which dates back to 1540 and portrays Martin Luther in full regalia. This is the only full portrait of Martin Luther in existence, making it a must-see for every journey through LutherCountry. A further highlight is the church’s “Resurrection of Christ” painting by Luther’s close friend, Lucas Cranach the Elder.

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