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zum Inhalt springen Mansfeld Castle in Mansfeld-Lutherstadt © Hagen Neßler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt


"No great saint lived without errors."

Martin Luther

The Luther Connection

Martin Luther spent his childhood and early youth in Mansfeld-Lutherstadt, having moved with his parents from Lutherstadt Eisleben to Lutherstadt Mansfeld in 1484. Eventually, his parents were able to save enough money to buy their own house, which is now a museum. Until the age of 13, Martin Luther was a student at Mansfeld's Latin School. To this day, the city celebrates Martin Luther’s first day of school with a festive reenactment and small town celebration on the first Saturday after Easter. Last but not least, Mansfeld-Lutherstadt is also home to the impressive Luther Fountain; built on Lutherplatz in 1913, this beautiful monument portrays three of the most important moments in Luther’s life: “Out into the World”: A 13-year-old Luther bids farewell to Mansfeld; “Into the Fight”: The publication of the 95 Theses in Lutherstadt Wittenberg; and “Through to Victory”: Luther’s presence at the Diet of Worms.

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Luther's Parents' Home © Tim Hufnagel, IMG Sachsen-AnhaltLuther Fountain in Mansfeld-Lutherstadt © Hagen Neßler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt