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zum Inhalt springen Muehlhausen City Wall © Tino Sieland, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Muehlhausen GmbH

Insider Tip

A section of the Muehlhausen city wall is open to tourists and offers the perfect city view!

The City

Visitors can enjoy a perfect view of this historic city from atop ancient walls that still encircle the medieval Old Town and City Hall (1300) after all these years. Muehlhausen's town center is dominated by eleven Gothic churches and an array of charming, half-timbered houses. The oldest surviving half-timbered houses date back to the 16th century; it therefore comes as no surprise that Muehlhausen is part of the German Half-Timbered Route, which runs from the Harz region all the way to the Thuringian Forest. Since 1990, the city has removed the plastering from many houses to reveal their original half-timbered structures. Guests can go on a guided city tour that points out special features and decorations on selected houses and delves into the art and history of this romantic architectural style.

© Jens Hauspurg, Thuringia Tourist Board

In Muentzer’s Footsteps

Thomas Muentzer left a permanent mark on the city of Muehlhausen. Today, guests can revisit authentic locations that tell the story of this radical reformer, such as St. Mary’s Church where he preached in 1525. The City Hall – a breathtaking combination of Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles – invites guests to tour the Imperial Free-City Archives and learn more about Muehlhausen’s tumultuous history in ancient rooms whose original interior design dates back to 1615.

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© Andreas Weise, Thuringia Tourist Board

Hainich National Park

Situated less than an hour’s drive away from Muehlhausen is the pristine Hainich National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Beech Forest. Covering an area of over 18,500 acres and featuring a number of tours, trails, and activities, this is a prerequisite for all nature enthusiasts during their stay in LutherCountry.

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© Tino Sieland, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Muehlhausen GmbH

Divi Blasii Church

Another important Reformation hero also spent time right here in Muehlhausen: Johann Sebastian Bach! Today, guests can visit the Divi Blasii Church, which still houses the same organ Bach once played. The church also puts on organ concerts throughout the year, inviting travelers to enjoy musical performances in an authentic location.

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© Jens Hauspurg, Thuringia Tourist Board

The Peasants’ War Museum and Cultural History Museum

These two museums keep Muehlhausen’s colorful history alive and within reach. The Peasants’ War Museum is located inside the former Franciscan Holy Cross Church, now known as Kornmarktkirche, and focuses on 16th century society, the events of the war, and the effects it had on the Reformation and its later development. The Cultural History Museum, on the other hand, focuses on the cultural and industrial heritage of the region, as well as 19th century Thuringian art.

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