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zum Inhalt springen Muehlhausen City Wall © Tino Sieland, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Muehlhausen GmbH


"You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say."

Martin Luther

The Luther Connection

While Martin Luther never personally visited the former Free Imperial City, Muehlhausen came to play a pivotal role in the Reformation and the German Peasant’s Revolt under the leadership of the priest Thomas Muentzer. Muentzer originally enjoyed the support of Luther but turned into something of a “zealot” over the years, using violence to achieve change in society – a tactic that Luther rejected entirely. Muentzer formed the “Eternal League of God” in 1525, thus turning Muehlhausen into a center for radical reform in southern LutherCountry. After being captured during the Battle of Bad Frankenhausen, Thomas Muentzer was tortured and ultimately executed on May 27th in Muehlhausen. Today, visitors can learn more about Muentzer and the Reformation on a guided city tour.

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Muehlhausen © Thuringia Tourist BoardSt. Mary's Church in Muehlhausen © Jens Hauspurg, Thuringia Tourist Board