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zum Inhalt springen Muehlhausen City Wall © Tino Sieland, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Muehlhausen GmbH

Visitor Resources

Tourist Information Muehlhausen

Ratsstraße 20
99974 Muehlhausen
+49 (0) 360 140 4770


Brauhaus zum Loewen ***

Call +49 (0) 36 014 710

Sporthotel Muehlhausen ***

Call +49 (0) 360 149 80


Peasants' War Museum in the Kornmarktkirche

Cultural History Museum

Museum Gallery in the All Saints' Church - currently closed


St. Mary's Church, Muentzer Monument

St. Nicholas Evangelical Parish

Divi Blasii Church

St. Peter's Pilgrim Church

St. Martini's Youth Church

Guided Tours

Old City Tour for groups of up to 25 people

Tour with selection of music on the Bach organ in the Divi Blasii Church

Muehlhausen and the Reformation

In the Footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach

Historical night tour by torch light


Imperial Free-City Archives - City Hall


Kiliani Church - Youth Theater and Meeting Center

St. Jakobi Church and City Library

Visitor Resources Key

Facilities accessible to those with walking impairments or who require a wheelchair

Aides for the deaf and hard of hearing

Aides for the blind and visually impaired

Services available in English

Costumed tours